by Ginger Lane

If you want to talk about all the terrible things going on in the world today, if you want to talk about how this country no longer has patriotism, if you to talk about how no one cares about their neighbors anymore, and if you want to talk about how the next generation is going to destroy the world, or if you want to talk about people not believing in God, I just have one thing to say. Youll have to talk to someone other than myself!

On Christmas morning, 2007, an Angel came to visit my home. I wont go into all the details, but it was a beautiful baby girl, and her name was really Angel. Her young Mom and Dad had fallen on hard times, and they were looking for food and shelter for their child. They were in Greenville looking for CPS to give the daughter they loved to the agency because they had no food, no gas, and no home. They had been turned away by the family they had come to visit for the holidays, and with no other options, they had given up hope and were doing what they thought best for their child.

On their way to find the police department in Greenville, they stopped at the only place that seemed to be open. The person they spoke with tried to find help for them. They had a Texas Twister, and dialed my number thinking we could put them in touch with someone who could help with food and shelter.

I began to call different agencies, but also found no one to answer on Christmas. Then, my son, Jesse, made a suggestion. We had plenty of room, why didnt we take them in? I wanted to jump at the suggestion and say Sure! but the thought of taking in strangers was a bit scary to me. We talked further. We talked about it being Christmas, and we didnt have a whole lot, but definitely enough.

We called the business back and gave directions for the family to make their way to our home. The first person gave them enough gas to fill their tank.

When they arrived, I met the sweetest young couple, and their baby, Angel!

Misty, my office manager, lived pretty close and she was my first call. She got on the phone, and things really started happening. We found at the mere mention of the family needing help, people went into action. Complete strangers to the young family began gathering money, food, and clothing. It was a miracle in the works!

In less than 2 days, they had long-term housing, a couple of job offers, and several new friends! In less than 2 days from the time they thought they were going to lose their baby; they were homeless, and without hope, they were on track for better days!

I have always been known as overly optimistic. My cup isnt half full; its overflowing.... even when its not. And, at times, that optimism has gotten me in a bit of a jam. I like looking at the good side of things. I have been warned about not seeing the negative, but now I am convinced ...The good outweighs the bad! The guys in the white hat always win! Prayer works!

And, one thing for sure! When an Angel knocks at your door, you open it!


This is our traditional annual Christmas story. Its a true story and one of the best blessings Ive ever had. Having read this story, please keep your safety in mind and your hearts and pocketbooks open. Lets make this the best Christmas ever! Those who are down and full of despair may be there by their own doing. It doesnt matter and it is not for us to judge.

John 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

Give generously to others, now and throughout the year. Its a blessing for you, more so than the person you give to.