Be Strong and Courageous


This season in my life I want to share the lesson I have learned. It is about why God wants His people to assemble together and love one another. It is so important to live by Gods Word in order to be blessed with all that He has for His people. If you do not live by the whole Word of God you will never experience all the love He has for you.

This happened first... Someone at church that I love so much gave me a new Bible. I flipped through the pages checking it out. I saw they had marked a scripture, Joshua 1:9. I have read my Bible and this scripture never stuck out to me before. Little did I know this is what I would be standing on and believing to get me through the storm? Here is what it says: Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.

Over the past few months life has been taking a toll on my family and me. A lot of big things happen! A few examples: my husband broke his arm and couldn't work, our home was burglarized, due to no work we couldn't buy Christmas for our kids, and an aunt died.... There is more but I think you get the picture! It was a lot to happen all at one time... No worries... I have an awesome God who loves me.

I held strong for a while. But two months of just bam, bam, bam was very hard. The people that I love so much that gave me the Bible sent a text to me and told me read Joshua 1:9. Now I had thought of that scripture several times but didn't sit down and read it again. I had not had it in my heart. So I did, I got the Bible and saw that was the scripture they had marked in my Bible before all this started to happen. Hmm guess God knew I would need some help through this one! I read this scripture and first thing I saw was God, you know God of the universe, He was commanding me, not asking, commanding me to be strong. That right there changed my self pity moment. Then He says be courageous, I thought to myself, well I have been but. but. but and He said, Don't be afraid or discouraged. I knew He was talking about my faith and then He said that He would be with me wherever I go. How could I still be worried and afraid when God just told me He was with me wherever I go? So wherever or whatever I go through He is there. We just have to know that.

I will tell you how the story ends. With God all things are possible. Our church family, the people we pray with, cry with, rejoice with, and the ones we worship our Lord with. They helped us in our time of need. Not only our church family but also friends churches helped us too. We did not want for anything. God told us not to worry and we trusted Him. He kept His promise once again. He has never let us need anything. I couldnt think about not having a church family. If you dont have one, you should get one. It is so important. The love that comes from a church family you can't replace with anything in the world. Should of known... the Bible says love is greater than all!

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Originally published in the January 2011 issue of Texas Twister Magazine