More Than Just a Lost Ring...


How much do you think God loves you? He loves you enough to let his only son die on a cross for you. God loves you enough to make you completely different from any one else in the world! Think about how much God loves you. God even loves you enough to heal your body or help you find something you misplaced.

The bible says, We have not because we have asked not meaning we didnt invite God to help us. We didnt ask Him to take over what we cant do alone. God is almighty! Why cant we just ask Him? It is so hard to think God, who created the world and everything in it would care enough to take on our small little problems. The thing is He wants to and He does care. Below is an answered prayer that my son wants to share. This is proof to me that God cares about whatever we care about. If its in our heart its in Gods heart.

By Tommy Spruiell
God does answer prayers even if it is the smallest things but they mean something to us. Here is the proof.
Deborah, a long time friend of my family, gave me a ring. It is really cool and I like it very much. It is silver and has barbwire engraved on it. It is a little big for me but I just couldnt help but to wear it to school and show it off. The sad thing is I lost it at school. It must have just slipped off my finger. I looked everywhere and asked all my teachers if they had seen it or if anyone turned it in. No one had seen my ring. My teachers did say they would keep an eye out for it.
When I got home my mom asked me if I had a good day at school (as she does everyday.). I told her I didnt have such a good day cause I lost my ring. We talked about it and my mom said I should pray about it and so that night when I went to bed I prayed and asked God to help me find my ring.
Then next day at school I asked all my teachers again if they found my ring but no such luck, no one had seen it. So when I got home I told my mom no one found it.
This is where God answers my prayer! It was Wednesday night, youth night at church and we went as we always do. My friend, Trenton, came up to me and asked me Isnt this yours? He found my ring! I said, YES that is my ring! He had found it by a trashcan at school. Thank you, Jesus for helping me. It was just a ring but you knew what it meant to me.


If you have an answered prayer, please share it. I share mine because I want to share how real and how wonderful God is! Email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Originally published in the October 2010 issue of Texas Twister Magazine