Jesus, my Father in Heaven!


I have to say... I am so in love with the Jesus, Jesus, my Father in Heaven!

My real father died when I was five. So I have really never had a dad. Even the time that I had a real dad they are nothing but bad memories. He was a lost soul and very good at being bad! I had a stepfather but his love was for my mom and we didnt get a long very well at all.

I say I have never really had a father.... but now, I have the best one of all!

Living all my life not really knowing what it was like to have a dad or the love that a daughter and father share I often wondered what I had missed out on in life. As I watched girls and their fathers I wondered if my life would be different if I had that love and support and the feeling of protection. Today, I have found all of those feeling in the Lord Jesus Christ. My Father in Heaven has given me all the affection and feelings I had not ever received as a young girl. Living for God I am not looking for affection, romance or attention.

My father in Heaven provides all that for me.

I use to look to men to fill my emotions for me, most always to be let down. I know lots of women and girls looking for that same affection and love. If only they knew that their Father in Heaven wants to fill them with love they have never known. I never prayed to God to be my Father, but from a young girl I always desired one .God says He will provide all our needs and give us our hearts desires. His word again had been true in my life. His promises are true.

Not only does my Father in Heaven love me, He teaches me, corrects me, guides me and protects me. He gives me love, peace, joy, understanding and forgiveness.

So today if you are lonely or feeling unloved. Your Father in Heaven is waiting to give you love your heart has been searching for!

Origianlly published in the September 2010 issue of Texas Twister Magazine