Please Join Us In Prayer

First we would like to thank our Father in Heaven for the new life He created. Then we would like to congratulate Tommy and April Smith for their new addition to their family. And of course we would congratulate Aunt Pat (writer of Aunt Pats Diabetic Recipes) for her new grandson Dyllon Smith.

Dyllon was born June 29. He is having some problems with his lungs and had to be transported to another hospital and his mother had to stay behind at the first hospital due to a c-section. Dyllon has his daddy with him at the new hospital, but as we all know there is worry and concern to this family.

Please agree with me in prayer and continue to lift up Dyllon and his family.

Father God, We love you and we believe you are the all mighty God. The Creator of Heaven and Earth. We believe there is nothing you cant handle. Father you said in your word that we should pray about everything and come to you asking in Jesus name and you would hear and answer our prayers. We ask you Father, in Jesus name that baby Dyllons lungs will be healed and strong. That his lungs will be perfect just like you intended them to be. We ask you God to give peace, strength and most of all faith to Tommy and April as they see you, God heal and take care of the blessing you gave them. In all these things we ask in Jesus name. - Amen

Update - August 2011

Last month in Texas Twister we asked for everyone to join us in prayer for baby Dylan who was born with lung problems and couldnt breathe on his own. I would like to share the report from baby Dylans grandmother (aka. Aunt Pat).

I'm so happy, I'm about to burst, Dylan and April are on their way home with a clean bill of health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His tests are all back to normal, all of his doctors pronounced him a healthy little boy. Just one day shy of 3 weeks.

Thank you for all of your prayers, because without all of you, I know this little boy wouldn't be where he is today, with his family.

So, thank you all, you will never know how much all your prayers meant to me and my family and we will never be able to thank you enough...

God Bless You ALL,
A Happy Nanna


Texas Twister would like to thank all that lifted up this sweet baby in prayer and we would also like to add a special thanks to our Father in Heaven.

Father God, you are worthy to be praised! Thank you, Father God, for allowing us to come to you through Jesus our King! Thank you God for hearing our prayers and answering them just like Your word says You will.

Father God we are so thankful to you for healing baby Dylan and giving him a clean bill of health. It is overwhelming to know how much you love us, that you would reach down from Heaven and touch this baby. Thank you, Father, for leaving him with his family to love and raise. We are forever grateful to You God, forever and always.