Jesse Lane to the Rescue.. and Then

By Ginger Lane

We all want to help.  When someone or something is in trouble, I believe it is most people’s nature to rush to the rescue.  And, many times, it is to our own peril.  Then, sometimes, it’s just a funny story you get to pass along.

Jesse was in a rush to get on his way when he walked out of his house.  But, then he heard something.  It sounded like a baby or a cat and whatever he was hearing was in trouble.

He began listening and following the sound.  Finally, about two houses down, he found it.  There… hanging from a slatted bench, there was a baby goat.  Its hoof was caught in between the boards and it was just stuck there crying for help and obviously in pain.

The goat was inside a fenced yard.  Jesse didn’t really want to trespass so he ran to the front of the house to find the owners, but no answer.  They weren’t home. He went to the neighbor’s house, knocked there, still no luck.  He’s late to where he needs to be, but can’t leave the little guy ‘hanging’.

So, back to the fence he went and managed to loosen the latch.  Once in, the six OTHER baby goats thought they had a new toy!  They surrounded him.  He could hardly take a step.  As he was telling me about his adventure, it was more like they attacked him!

Now you have to picture this 6 foot 3 guy trying to fend off six 18 inch tall baby goats.  As he made the way to the one that was caught in quite a predicament, he was thinking about the predicament he had gotten himself in.

It only took a moment to free the goat; Jess now had to make his way back to his freedom.  Worried he would step on one of them AND now that the goat was free, worrying that the owners would come home and find him as an intruder in their yard. 

He made it back to the gate only to find yet another challenge.  You see, getting in the back yard was a lot easier than getting out without letting all the little baby goats run free.  Every time he inched open the gate, they tried to escape! 

Now, he’s been stuck in the back yard for a bit and looking around for options, he sees that a neighbor is now watching him.  Great!  So, Jesse began to explain what he was doing back there.  Finally, the lady that thought she might have been catching someone trying to break into a house was convinced of his story and came to what is now Jesse’s rescue.  She was able to help free him from the back yard and no baby goats got away.

I’m pretty sure we were all put on this Earth to watch out after each other and other things.  Next time you see someone or something in distress, go the extra mile.  It’ll be an adventure, another story to tell and a memory to keep!

And, did you know?

Goats discovered coffee!   Legend has it that a man named Kaldi, in the Ethiopian highlands noticed that when his goats chewed a certain ‘berry’, that they became spirited and they didn’t want to sleep at night.