How it all started and now seven years later!

I’m Ginger Lane, owner and publisher of Texas Twister Publications. And, this is our story.

First and foremost, THANK YOU ALL! It has been so much fun building this business with all of you. We are so blessed to be able to do the job we do with our great customers and readers.

I have to tell the story of how all this began. It’s a story that I hope will inspire anyone who is going through the same things that I did.

It was around April, 6th 2007. That’s the day I actually celebrate the birth of Texas Twister Publications. It had been the hardest time of my life. I had been in the telecommunication business for many years and when AT&T bought out Southwestern Bell, it put an end to that career. Many very personal factors had come into play in the 12 months prior that fateful April day. I was broke. I mean broke. I was about to lose my car, my house………everything. Now, the events that put me in this position and the steps I took, I wouldn’t go back and change a thing that I did. It was a worthy cause and it was all worth it. But, here I was driving on Hwy 276 in Quinlan…….not really knowing which direction to go.

I pulled over to the side of the road. I prayed. I asked God, “What do you want me to do? I’ll work hard. Just show me what to do.” I was there for just a few minutes when I remembered that my sister, Debby Mertens, and my best friend, Sandee Farmer, had been mentioning for years that we ‘do’ something that they could use their talents. They both happen to be, well, nerds. They love doing graphics and computer things. Not me, I know way more about computers than I ever wanted to. But, they loved doing that kind of work.   Within 5 minutes of my prayer, I was putting Texas Twister together in my mind. Now, it’s important that you know I had no money.   None.   I was looking for money to put gas in my car. So, when I decided to put a paper together, I was taking a leap of faith. I had asked God for an answer with an open heart and He gave me one.

I drove straight to D Earls Tax Service. I went in and talked with Dennis Earls. I told Dennis, “I’m going to have this paper. I’m going to distribute it from Royse City to Emory. It’s going to have some articles and jokes in it.” I had absolutely nothing in my hands. I was placing them together and opening them like a book to demonstrate a paper. Without a moment of hesitation, Dennis said, “I will take this spot for as long as you are in print.” He also told me that he would pay me several months in advance to give him a discount! Dennis isn't with us anymore. He is with God now, but for all of you who knew him, he was a very smart business man. And, you will have to have smiled when you read the part where he said………with a discount!

Dennis wrote me a very large check right then and there. Full of assurance that I was on the right path, I went to my next customer and sold another ad, offering a discount for paying me months in advance and they wrote me a big check too! By the end of the day, I had hundreds of dollars in sales. Cash up front that people paid me to be in a paper they had never seen before.

It’s important to say that at sometime during that day, I did call and ask Sandee and Debby if they wanted to do the ads! They were both super excited.

Flash forward to about 9 months later. Ashley Bain Reeder had been doing some part time sales for me since the first month of publishing the paper. But, I was working around the clock. I barely took time to sleep at all. I was doing ok, but still the money was tight. I knew I couldn’t keep up the pace. I was doing almost all of the selling, sending the ads to be done, getting approvals of the ads, writing of the articles and delivery. Debby would go with me when I delivered. I was so tired, but she kept me going. Then one day I had traded a beautician an ad to fix my hair, and as I was sitting in the chair with foil sticking out like an alien, in walked Misty Hensley. She was out drumming up business for her husband, and was so cheerful when she walked in the shop. I looked right at her and said, “You need to come and work with me.” GOOD GRIEF! Where did that come from? I had no money to pay anyone. But, I just knew she would be a great asset to Texas Twister. She turned me down, but I was desperate for some help. I was exhausted.

I was working in about a 4x4 area in my house. No files for my customers. I was ‘remembering’ everything, and it was just about to do me in. I finally convinced Misty to ride with me one day. I drove around like a crazy person, and after we did not even stop for lunch, she declined……..again. However, I knew I had to have some help. I asked her one more time. I pleaded with her to just take over some office work….. to help me get organized. She agreed. I told her if she would just work 3 hours a day, she would probably be spending most of it playing on the internet or watching tv. Well, she still to this day says I was lying to her, but I had no idea how much work there was to be done. Ashley came on board full time, both of them in January, 2008. Misty works about 40 hours a week now, and has NEVER got to even think about turning the TV on or had time to surf the web.