You Don't Have To Do It All!
By Ginger Lane
You just have to do something. That says it all.
There are so many people in need of food, shelter and clothing. Children that
need love and nurturing are in the smallest communities all across our great nation and
the world. The elderly are homebound with too few family members to care for them.
The homeless count is way too high. And, don't forget about our furry friends that also
need our attention. There are organizations that need funding and our environment has
to be kept under watchful eyes. You can give a hand up or a hand out, as it makes no
difference what you call it or how it is taken. You can send up a silent prayer, donate
some clothing or drive a sick friend to the doctor. You have to do something.
It's overwhelming for us all so much so that maybe we just curl up and tell
ourselves that it doesn't matter what you do, nothing is going to fix everything. I'm here
to tell you today that is fixing everything isn't your problem. You are relieved from the
duty of curing all the ills of the world. Your job is to do ......something.
Matthew 25:40 "And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say
unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have
done it unto me."
My Aunt Pat Smith gets dolls from anywhere she can, cleans them, crochets
clothes and makes them beautiful. She donates them to fire departments to be given to
children who have lost everything in a fire. She also gets them to children's advocacy
homes for the kids who have been removed from their home for one reason or another.
Aunt Pat wants the children to have something of their own in desperate times. The
children that receive these dolls will never forget them for rest of their lives. She's doing
Misty Hensley, marketing manager for Texas Twister, recently heard of a talented

young woman that had an opportunity to enter a singing contest and the outcome
could possibly change her life forever. It was a small contest and the prize was getting
a CD produced. The contest entrance fee was $100 and financial circumstances left
the woman unable to enter. She had some, but not all of it. Misty reached out to her
and gave her the money she needed to be able to participate. She didn't win first place,
however, she did get noticed by some folks and the woman is on solid ground to a singing

career. She's already made her first CD, and had a recording contract in Nashville.
(Details haven't been disclosed, but watch for a follow-up story!)
This woman who struggled with the entry fee money now has a chance for
financial freedom. I'd also like to mention it was a Christian singing contest and her
dream is to use her voice for God's glory. Misty saw a need and she did something.
Our shoulders aren't big enough for the weight of the world. The smallest
gesture can cause a ripple effect 'heard' throughout the world! So, when the opportunity
arises, all that is needed is to just do something.