Celebrating 2 Years!
I can’t believe this is our 24th issue! I just wanted to take a moment to
thank everyone who has been a part of putting this together and hanging in here
with me all this time.
First, I want to thank God. He gave me this paper on April 6th, 2007.
I have no formal education that would allow me to publish Texas Twister, and I
am definitely not in charge of how things are going with it. I was going through
a rough patch, and asked God, “What do I do now?” And, I was actually selling
ads for the Twister within the next 30 minutes! The rest is history.
The next 2 people have been with me from the beginning. And, trust
me, that putting this together every month is not just a simple walk in the park.
It’s fun and rewarding, but it definitely takes a great deal of work.
Sandee Farmer, my dearest friend and editor. She is the one who does
so much of the wonderful art work you see in our publication, puts on the final
touches and makes it so much fun to look at and to read. She’s is the one that
we run to for.......everything! Even though she calls herself my wet blanket, she
is the one that keeps me in line!
Debby Mertens, my fantastic sister, also does a lot of the graphics, and
has been there for anything we needed done, and there has been a lot! Whether
I needed help with delivery, or something extra done right away, I’ve always
been able to count on her. Not just since we started Texas Twister, but always.
Ashley Bain came on board part time about May, 2007. She is a great
friend first, and always doing more than her share of helping build this company.
She came on full time in January, 2008 in sales. I don’t know what I would have
done without her this past couple of years. If you are an advertiser, you have
met her and know just how great she is.
Misty Hensley has become my right arm. She is an awesome lady that
I am so proud to call my friend. I had to beg her to come and work with me in
January, 2008 and I would gladly beg her to stay. She keeps the office running
just like is should, makes sure all the ads are in and accounted for, and anything
else that needs to be done!

A big thanks goes out to my advertisers! WOW! I have the best customers in the world,
and I mean it. Thank you for your loyaty and continued business! We will continue to
do the best we can in making you some great ads and getting the word out about your
We have several people who write articles every month, and we thank you so much for
helping find interesting and information things to pass on to our readers. Thank you all!
Dee Ingram from Ingram Funeral Home ** Quinlan ** Ask The Director

Jean Mertens, my mom
and a great cook ** Recipes
From the Heart
Pat Smith, my aunt and
another great cook **
Aunt Pat’s Diabetic Recipes
Dean and Ruth Remmers
from Life of Faith Covenant
Church ** Kaufman
Jesse Lane from After Hours Automotive ** Cash
Ashley Bain from Texas Twister ** Time Out
Sandee Farmer from Texas Twister ** Texas Tidbits ** and so much more!
Quinlan ISD, Lone Oak ISD, Royse City ISD, and Caddo Mills ISD...Thanks to all involved
in sending the news about students and teachers
Well, after reading all of the above, you might wonder what
I do here at Texas Twister. Mostly, I stand in awe at all the
things everyone else does!
Thanks to you all! And, God Bless!
Ginger Lane