Stop sending text messages
while driving your car!!
I can only imagine that when the first cars hit the road,
parents were worried about their children’s driving habits.
“Keep both hands on the wheel!” Then, with car radios,
they probably restricted them from listening in an effort to
keep their minds on the road.
I know my Mom and Dad have been worried about me
talking on my cell phone for years. And, with each new
generation, there are additional toys to keep us entertained
as we drive. And, all of these toys bring new danger. More
But, now, the absolute limit! The ‘DON’T DO IT OF ALL
TIMES!’ Do not text on your cell phone while driving.
We like to call it multi-tasking, but the truth is that text
messaging while driving is just an accident looking for a
place to happen.
Parents, you need to set an example for your children. Just
don’t do it. There are a couple of products on the market
to make sure that your children aren’t.
Websafety from a company out of Dallas called WPN now
offers a product that will disable the cell phone from working
while the phone is moving at ‘driving speed’.
I personally don’t have any experience with it, but if I had
a teenager who I thought might be using text messaging
while driving, I would definitely give it a try. The only
down side is that it also disables it while the child is riding
with someone else.
Check it out at!
It also will:
• The World’s Most Comprehensive Word Recognition
Library searches 4,000-plus words and phrases that
reveal threats, sexually explicit content, cyber-bullying,
suicide dialogue, drug involvement and contact with dangerous
• ‘Smart’ Alert Network Notifications are sent to
parents instantly when a child’s safety is in question.
• “Where R U?” Technology allows parents to
locate a child who doesn’t show up or check-in when
• GPS “Virtual Fence” Technology enables parents
to set predefined areas for their child to stay within ... and
be alerted if that boundary is violated. Ideal for blocking
any location you want your child to avoid, or to make sure
your child arrives at — and stays at — school.
• Keeps Teenage Drivers Safer:
- Speed Reminders: If your teen exceeds the speed limit, or
races, you’ll receive an alert.
- Driving Curfew Reminders: Make sure your child doesn’t
forget what time they promised to be home.
- Designated Driving Zones: If you want certain hangouts,
hot spots or areas to be off limits, you’ll be alerted if your
child goes anyway.
- Arrival & Departure Notifications: Know when your
child gets to or leaves a destination.
• Texting Termination: Parents can program the
phone to prevent children from sending or receiving text
messages in class, on school grounds or while driving.
Teachers are calling this feature a significant breakthrough
that eliminates many of the problems they face today, including:
daydreaming, socializing during school hours and
cheating on exams.