Technology is Making Us Stupid

By: Ginger Lane

At least, it is making me stupid. I can’t turn my TV on
without the remote. I can’t believe that I will spend 10
minutes looking for the remote to turn off the TV when
there is a perfectly good button I could push and be done
with it. I can’t walk into a room without flipping the light
switch, and I’ll spend forever on the internet trying to find
a phone number or an address. I could just pick up the
phone book and make a call. Sixty seconds later, I have
the number and the address.
But, what really got me was the other night when
I was driving Brownie home. Brownie is my 1988 Chevy
PU. She is my work truck. I pulled in the driveway and
tried to open the door. It was locked. I hit the automatic
lock, tried to open the door, wouldn’t open. I turned the
truck back on, no luck. I’m a bit claustrophobic, so the
automatic windows came down at this point. I thought for
a minute. “What could I possibly be doing wrong?” I tried
the passenger door.....locked, reached out the window for
the outside handle....locked.
OK, I’m locked INSIDE MY TRUCK. I’m sitting
in my yard, at night, with nobody around LOCKED
INSIDE MY TRUCK. I couldn’t believe it. As hard as
it was going to be, I was going to have to call for help. I
thought about crawling out the window, but falling to the
ground just didn’t seem like a good idea at my age.
Jesse, my son, doesn’t live far from me. But, I
remembered his cell phone was dead. And his girlfriend,
Heather, had just changed her cell number so I didn’t have
it in my cell phone. (Technology again!)
I was just sitting there trying to figure out who I
was going to call and explain my ridiculous situation to
when Jesse just happened to pull into the drive. He parked
right behind me, and I waited a couple of seconds to start
yelling out the window.
“Jesse! Jesse! I’m locked in my truck and I can’t get
He came up to the truck, tried the door, then
reached inside immediately and clicked the MANUAL
door lock. He just shook his head and walked away. I got
out of the truck with stupid permanently embedded in my
My Mom and Dad got a pretty good laugh out
of this. My Mom was especially having a good time reminding
me of being locked inside my truck. Then, sweet,
sweet revenge.
My mother, Jean Mertens, lives in Pittsburg,
Texas. Anybody know her? It is important that if you
do to mention this next story when you see her. She has
certainly had a good enough time teasing me.
She went to a gas station and went inside with
just her keys and some money. She locked her car, and
when she came out , her clicker wouldn’t unlock the door.
She tried again, nothing. There is a key code on her door,
but they’ve never used it, and she didn’t remember the
code. She went back inside and called my Dad.
My dad, Kenneth Mertens, has also had a pretty
good time with my being locked inside my truck. He
didn’t remember the code either. She goes back outside
and tries several combination and nothing works. She
went back inside the gas station and there was a policeman
inside. She told him about her predicament and asked for
his help.
He just looked at her with a bit of a grin, I’m sure.
He pointed to the keys in her hand and asked if they were
for the ignition. She told him yes, and then he reminded
her they would unlock the door. Hah! So, right back at
you, Mom and Dad! Neither of them remembered they
could just use the key!
The technology we have today is truly amazing. It makes
our lives so much easier than the generations before
us. And, it also gives us another reason to laugh at ourselves.....
and others!
Page 8 February, 2009 Texas Twister