Necessity is the Mother of Invention!

by Ginger Lane
(A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet
the need or solve the problem.)
Bartering has been a common practice since the
beginning of time. It is the exchange of products or services
with equal value, and we have all been feeling a bit
of a back lash from $4.00 a gallon gas prices.
If you need (or just want) something, and can’t
really afford the cash to pay for it, you might try to barter.
For instance, suppose you had a herd of cattle. Cattle
prices are down, and you don’t really want to sell right
now. You need a good sturdy pipe fence gate. While
getting a bid from the welder, you discover he needs
some dental work done. The dentist down the road from
you has been talking to you about getting some cattle.
You talk to the dentist, work out a deal to trade him some
cattle (or a cow) for the dental work on the welder, and
you get your new gate!
You might have a talent for sewing, and the hair
salon owner might need a dress altered.
Bartering is done on the smallest level with
children trading a peanut butter sandwich for a candy
Necessity or Desire, just get out there and see
what can happen when you just ask! You might be surprised
with what you can get done.
(Don’t forget Uncle Sam doesn’t care if you
barter, you just have to remember to inform your accountant,
so you can pay the proper taxes on the value of
the trade!)