You hear about the latest scams. I get notices of one gimmick after the other.

And, you wonder how many of them are true. And, if they are, it must be happening in

the big cities, probably in another state like New York. Definitely not in our beautiful East

Texas area.

Well, I am very disappointed to say it does happen around in our parts. And,

NOW, I’M MAD! You bet! Rip roaring, I want to find some flimflammers and hang them

by their toes!

Just before Christmas, my mother and father were at the local Wal-Mart store in

Gilmer, Texas. My dad recently had knee replacement surgery so Mom dropped him off

at the door and parked. They went in and did their shopping. Mom took the groceries to

the van while Dad waited for her at the front of the store.

Mom had just gotten inside her vehicle when a woman beat on her window. Ok,

this is where things start going wrong. My mom who is old enough to know better rolled

down her window. The woman asked her if she had witnessed another car trying to run

his car door was open and a bag had fallen out. She also said she worked for an attorney

in Gilmer.

Another man comes up and asked the woman if she is alright. And, explains he

did witness her almost being run down. The woman asked my mother what should she

do with the bag, and did she think she should open it. My mom said she guessed it would

be alright.

Ok, my blood is boiling now, as Mom tells me the woman goes around to the

passenger side, and GET’S IN THE VAN WITH HER! The man is now positioned on the

driver’s side, window still down, and the woman is in the vehicle with my mother. She

it is $15,000. The woman who supposedly works for an attorney looks at my mother who

is in her eighties, and asks my mom what should she do.

Now, I know up until this point, Mom hasn’t made the best choices, but she immediately

knew these two individuals were in this together, and they were trying to pull

a scam. My mother told her, “Since you work for an attorney, you know you have to call

the police!”

At this point, Mom let them know Dad was there, and she had to leave immediately.

The woman got out of the vehicle when she saw my mother wasn’t going to go

along with the program. She and the man walked off together.

We believe they that maybe the money was counterfeit. They were probably

going to try to get my mother to give them some money and they would give her the

‘$15,000’. God had a guardian angel looking over my mother that day. They could have

carjacked her, robbed her, or worse.

Be careful. When walking to your vehicle, look around. Let people you are

aware of your surroundings. Have your keys ready, and when you get in your vehicle,

lock your doors. If someone needs help, use your cell phone and call for help. Do not

roll down your window! If you don’t have a cell phone drive and send help back to them.

But, for goodness sake, do not let them in your car!

And, Mom, it’s gonna be a long time before we let you forget this!